The term has ended, let us go in peace

Teachers: the end of term is in sight (or already here with a fanfare of vodka, you lucky things).

Parents: the end of term is insight…

Puns are great.  I will defend punny puns from Monday to Punday against a punderstorm of pundits who just don’t punderstand the simple yet complex pleasure they can bring.  Crafting a decent pun is very much like solving a mathematical problem – you might have to approach from multiple directions, it might take some hard thinking – but the moment of inspiration, when it clicks-like-crystal is truly thrilling. It’s a quick-win creative-within-constraints task with added hilarity.  Reading a decent pun is a simpler joy – humour, admiration, shared humanity. Even more so when a disparate band of people can come together to enjoy the type of puns which unite them.

We few, we happy few, we band of punning teachers.

Last week teacher punning not only broke my Twitter notifications multiple times, it made it into the TES. (Ha ha, like it wasn’t on purpose).

It also made me smile SO MUCH. Not only were we making puns together, it was the type of inclusive activity we could only dream about in our classrooms: no gatekeeping, low-threshold-high-ceiling, and amazing cheerleading efforts from all involved.It wasn’t restricted to teachers only or one subject only or one sector only – anyone with Twitter and who used the hashtag was welcomed. It was also a welcome end-of-term bonanaza break from the important but exhausting ideology chats.

If you want to see what teachers are capable of, check out #teacherkaraoke and #teacherfilmclub (they’re still going).


And, at the risk of truly smashing up my notifications: tomorrow is #teacherbookclub.

See you there!



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