Our proud nation: a homily

Dear Reader,

Would you describe yourself as patriotic?
Are you a flag-bearer, a face-painter, a football-shouter, or an anthem-singer?

That’s okay, isn’t it?  Of course it is.  You feel proud of your country,  You support them.  You cheer when they win – when we win.  You are part of this great nation of ours, this humble, worthy, polite nation who have come a long way since the days of colonialism.  Although that’s ok too, really – you’re not ashamed of our past.  It’s what makes our country great. You would have cheered when we won back then too, although it was lives and not goals that were saved and lost.  Why?  Because we’re better, somehow, than others – we fight harder, we carry ourselves prouder, we deserve victory that little bit more.  We’re winners, aren’t we?  Even when we lose, we’ll come back fighting, we’ll be better next time, we were robbed or cheated or denied our rightful gains.

Why are we different?  It’s our values, see.  We’re better at things, but we’re humble about it.  We don’t like to brag.  We’re defined by being exceptional but not boastful.  We’re born rulers – fair, noble, and with an impeccable sense of judgement.  We know what’s best.  We’re up-by-the-bootstraps, stiff-upper-lip grafters who have an astute set of morals, who know right from wrong – every single one of us.  And all this – this is bred in us, its in the fabric of our country and the landscape of our motherland.  No foreigner would ever understand – how could they?  They’ll never know – no matter how many citizenship tests they take, or how much they learn about our culture and our heritage.  It’s not their fault of course – some of  them are harmless enough, but when it comes to the crunch they’ll never be ours and we’ll never be theirs.

It’s best to define the boundaries now, you see, so everyone’s clear.  If you’re not a true-born – if you can’t trace your lineage back at least three generations – you probably don’t have the pluck, the spirit, the backbone of our country.  Not yet, anyway.  If you’ve moved here from elsewhere, it’s understandable – best place in the world – but probably best to keep yourself to yourself. You can probably see why. If we muddy the waters – mix the lineage – then we’ll end up losing that essence that defines us, that cultural thread that binds us to our ancestors.  No-one wants that, of course. In fact, I’m sure you won’t mind me saying that letting our kids play together or our families mix might not be for the best either – we don’t want people picking up different habits, forgetting the old ways.  I appreciate your understanding.

On the other hand, if you’re three generations born and bred – we salute you.  You’re one of us.  You’re joined to us all by blood and soil and we’ll stand side by side until we fall.  Make sure you keep to the fine traditions of this country that we know and love, and teach your children too.  Keep the bloodline strong by marrying another (be wary of being seduced by the impure) and have as many beautiful, rosy children as you can.  You’re doing us proud.  Your country’s pride and passion runs through you to your children and don’t let them forget it –  bring them up properly, to know and love the country that bore them.  Teach them to protect their nation by rejecting strange or corrupting influences and keep the traditions strong.

If it ever comes to it, the fellowship and strength of our mighty nation will protect us again as it has so many times in the past.  We are blessed, chosen, special people and we must enclose ourselves, protect out heritage and ensure what we carry – the flame of our glorious country – survives at all costs.  This is a war of territory, a clash of cultures and we have let ourselves be taken advantage of for far too long already.  It is time.  We must reject all that is not familiar, destroy all that threatens us and view with suspicion all who are not one of our own.

Still feeling patriotic?

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