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4th July 2017 / / Feminism

All right, now I’ve got your attention with a title that intrigued but didn’t scare you, I’ll confess: this is not about floral brutality – that was just a metaphor.…

15th May 2016 / / Feminism
7th March 2016 / / Feminism

Dear Reader, Have you ever been referred to as ‘big’? Was there an accompanying gesture? What about ‘large’, or ‘small’? How did it make you feel? One of the interesting…

13th February 2016 / / Feminism
31st January 2016 / / Feminism
6th December 2015 / / Citizenship

Dear Reader, Have you ever been harassed, hounded or catcalled in a public place? This week at least two of my friends have been courageous enough to talk about their…

8th October 2015 / / Citizenship
4th October 2015 / / Compliance